About Diane Eagle Kataoka

Christmas 2012
Diane Eagle Kataoka has lived at altitudes of 8,000 feet and higher for most of her adult life. Living at altitude provides a unique perspective. To live in the mountains, to breathe high-alpine air, to awaken to a bluebird morning surrounded by wilderness, by pine and fir forests, and ringed by wildflowers is akin to heaven. In Mammoth Lakes we dwell, in awe, in the force field created by intense geologic activity.

What makes her view particular? She is a longtime ski town dweller. She likes her horizons vertical. Nothing makes her heart soar like mountains reaching high. Nothing is more enervating than a horizontal landscape.

Hard to say what comprises a “view” — The variety of life experiences and responses to them, the contrasts that provide balance in her life — city vs. country, East Coast vs. West Coast, flatlands vs. mountains — and a sense that the world is mad, that laughter thus rules the day.

Kataoka’s background is diverse, from working in publishing in New York City and researching books for Leon Uris (“Trinity,” “The Haj”), to starting and running a professional ski racing circuit (Coors Colorado Pro Tour), and programming and hosting a classical music radio show, to being a magazine editor, feature writer, marketing and communications professional, newspaper editor, published poet, and book editor.

Contact: sierraeagle@me.com